Mini Recaps: Homeland Season (4×01,02) and The Good Wife (6×03)

Homeland 4×01 “The Drone Queen”

After the shocking season 3 finale, Homeland returns with another mission in hand. In this case, Carrie’s new life is not all glamorous CIA-style like we predicted. She had her baby, yes, but she is not with her. In the season 4’s premiere, Carrie is in Kabul, Afghanistan where she works as the station’s chief. She orders a drone strike that leads to a catastrophic ending: the drone killed the terrorist along with other innocent civilians. You might think this is a normal collateral damage, but not with a surviving med student who filmed the whole thing and upload it online.

Aayan (played by Life of Pi‘s Suraj Sharma) is Homeland’s new interesting character to watch. Later revealed, he is the terrorist’s nephew but he is a liberal. Or perhaps he is this season’s bad guy, I am not sure. We shall see how Carrie intertwined with Aayan’s story line in the future. Peter Quinn, meanwhile, is working at the US embassy in Islamabad when the drone attack takes place, indirectly forcing him to work together with Carrie. They joined Sandy Bachman (Corey Stoll), the country’s station chief who got wrong intel and is responsible for the fiasco. Alas, we saw his character died, trampled really, at the end of the episode. What went wrong? What is Sandy hiding?

Homeland 4×02 “Trylon and Perisphere”

With back-to-back season premiere, Homeland’s second episode is much darker. Quinn and Carrie are called back to the States and forced to face their consequences. Quinn went bonkers with guilt and ended up banging his condo’s manager. He then smacked the shit outta an asshole at the diner the next day. I thought Quinn’s reaction is rational but perhaps I am wrong. You can’t just smashed random a-hole at a diner.

On the other hand, Carrie received more bad news that made her bi-polar life more polarized. She is “recalled” permanently and that means confronting her duty as a mother. Now, I know many will hate the writers for making Carrie almost drown her poor little red-haired baby in the tub, but how would she reacts otherwise? She is sick. Now I am not saying bi-polar people are dangerous, but in Carrie’s case, yes she is. The emotional scene will most likely give Claire Danes another nod at the Emmys.

To get herself out of the mess, Carrie finds out the conspiracy behind the tragedy in Islamabad, which involved information-swapping between the CIA’s big boss and the terrorist and she used this information to fly herself back to the dangerous zone. Classic Carrie, am I right? We also get a glimpse of Aayan’s in this episode. He transport some medicine (drugs?) to a safe place and got smacked (a lot of smacking in Homeland!) by his terrorist uncle’s right hand for talking trash on an ambush TV interview. Oh and if you are wondering about Saul, he is there, breathing and working as a private contractor. Although he might be working with Carrie in Pakistan anytime soon.

The Good Wife 6×03 “Dear God”

If anyone cares, I want to apologized for missing the first two recaps of The Good Wife. Now, I am sure you are all familiar with the ‘Cary in jail’ drama, but good news! he is out of jail and the third episode focuses solely on him, well most of it. We see Cary meet with his pretrial service officer,Β Joy Grubick (guest star Linda Lavin) who asked him a lot of questions in which Cary lied to protect his future. Joy then interviewed Diane, who now have officially join team Florrick Agos. Diane didn’t say much but she sure is amused by her quirks. When it is Alicia’s turn, she used the interview to the disadvantage of Castro, the current states attorney. I swear, I am loving this side of Alicia.

This week’s case is equally offbeat: two farmers fighting over genetically modified seeds and chose to resolved it in a Christian arbitration. Alicia, who is an atheist, have to learn few passages and psalms to win the case. In court, she teamed up with the new recruit Dean (played by Taye Diggs) who we later learned wants to become a priest but chose the legal system after reading To Kill a Mockingbird. On top of all that, Alicia AT LAST decides to run for state’s attorney after meeting America’s feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem. Yes, The Good Wife have the best casting directors and I can’t wait to see the future campaign episode.


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