Mini Recaps: Person of Interest (4×03) and Agents of Shield (2×03)

Marvel’s Agents of Shield 2×03 “Making Friends and Influencing People”

We thought she has abandoned her friends, but NO Simmons joined Hydra as a double agent for Shield! Yes, take a minute to let it sink in. In just three episodes, I can feel this season of SHIELD will be much better than its debut. The episode starts with Simmons who looks pretty with shorter hair is now working at Hydra. Later we learned that after the incident with Fitz, Coulson asked her to spy the enemy’s based camp.

This is a great storyline in my opinion since we will have an insight on how Hydra actually function (brainwashing and whatnot) and we can also see their foremen at play. Per Coulson’s suggestion, Simmons agreed to make friends with someone at Hydra, little did she know she will be on her first mission the next day. Bringing Donnie Gill back to the picture, he is on the list of Hydra’s latest recruit. Of course this won’t happen since Coulson knew and intervene with the Shield’s gang. In short, we get to see Dylan Minnette playing Frozen for few minutes while being chased down.

The other interesting aspect in Making Friends is to see Fitz interrogating bobblehead Ward in his cell. Ward apologized and let Fitz knows about Hydra’s brainwashing scheme that save Simmons’ cover, for now. There is a little something something going on too between Skye and Hunter, which I am totally okay with. What do you think? Anddd next week’s promo mentioned ‘cufflinks’ and you know what that means: undercover time!

Person of Interest 4×03 “Wingman”

And here I thought this episode will never happen with Fusco as the center of focus! I think Kevin Chapman is a likeable actor and it’s about time the man get something going on. In Wingman Fusco have to babysit the Machine’s latest number: Andre Cooper (Ryan O’Nan) who is a professional wingman with a shady past. I am all for picking up women, but how the hell doesn’t Fusco know how to pick a cheerful tie?! As we see Fusco having a makeover and meeting the ladies, Root shows up and asked Harold to go with her doing some illegal deal per the Machine’s request.

Things got funny when Harold have to pretend to be bad-ass impression to acquired a missile from bad people. Confused, Harold asked how will this benefit the gang. But as they (or in this case the Machine) say, patience is a virtue because in the end everything is connected. Roots gave Harold a large sum of money to gear their daily spy operation (courtesy of the Machine) and Fusco saves Andre from his childhood friend with the help from Reese, Shaw and Bear. A day well spent I supposed.


4 thoughts on “Mini Recaps: Person of Interest (4×03) and Agents of Shield (2×03)

  1. sidekickreviews

    I enjoyed the first two a bit more but this was solid one too. I totally agree these season of SHIELD has made the adjustments to become a better show.

    Hey, could you check your spam folder if any of my previous comments are in there and then unspam it? I’ve been trying to figure out why my comments on other WordPress blogs for the last couple of weeks aren’t showing up. My guess is that the filtering system needs to learn that my comments aren’t spam lol. I think my comments only show if I post from the wordpress reader. Thanks!

  2. 13mesh

    WordPress must be drunk for mistaking your comments as spam lol. Will check out my spam folder from now on! And let’s hope SHIELD’s second season will be a blast to watch 🙂

    Btw, are you not watching Person of Interest as well?

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