Mini Recaps: The Flash (1×01) and Arrow (3×01)

The Flash 1×01 “Pilot”

Hello there Barry, at last we got to see you in your own show! The Flash opens with your superhero-esque flashback, where we see young Barry’s life turned upside down after a mysterious spinning light killed his mother and placing his father in jail as the murder suspect. Flash forward several years, the adult Barry is now a forensic investigator working for Central City’s police force and obsessing over science in his spare time.

After attending a demonstration byย S.T.A.R. Labs’ Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) with his “best friend” Iris West (insert: unrequited love) things didn’t go as planned for our guy, since you know, he got struck by lightning bolt. Nine months later, Barry wakes up at S.T.A.R Labs and meet Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) who attended him during his comatose period. Groggy and confused, Barry (now with a six-pack) then storms out to look for Iris, but his passage is cut short when his hand starts to shake uncontrollably and he burst out running in a speed of light! Dr Wells, along with his sidekicks then agreed to help Barry to control his new power. And what’s better to test his gift than fighting a weather man turns bank robber?

However the fight have to wait after Barry decided to visit his pre-coma friend Oliver Queen over at Sterling City. I loved this insert, since its obvious Greg Berlanti and team wanted to do a cross-over and whatnot for these two shows in the future. Right after Ollie advice him to celebrate his new life, and smoothly insinuates to use ‘The Flash’ as his superhero name tag, Barry returns to CC and fights over weather boy (and wins!). But uh oh! the fight have a witness, Barry’s surrogate father Detective West who promise to help him with his new power and promise to keep it a secret, yes even from his daughter, Iris. The pilot didn’t just end there since the writers cooked up something extra to make our jaw dropped: futuristic newspaper!!

Arrow 3×01 “The Calm”

Oliver Queen is the superhero with the worst luck. There I said it! When things are finally settling down, Ollie thinks it’s time to find balance between his vigilante task and his personal life. And how can he not? Sterling City, it seems, is having its lowest crime rate in years (or months? not sure). Per Diggle’s advice, Oliver then asked Felicity out on a date that… didn’t end well. The chemistry between Oliver and Felicity is there, but it lacks something for me.

Anyway, boom boom pow, someone detonates the restaurant that sends Oliver in rage and indirectly back to square one in dating kingdom. Who is this mischievous party crasher? Oh it’s The Hound Count Vertigo, Sterling City’s latest drug lord who injects his victims with Vertigo 2.0 serum and made them face their deepest fear. Sounds clichรฉ? I can’t blame you. The execution is weak and it made me yawned a couple of times. Another subplot includes Ray Palmer (played by Brandon Routh) who impressed Queen Consolidated board members with his flashy Power Point skill. Ollie is pissed about this obviously, but Felicity shares a “stronger” chemistry with the dude who probably will ended up as her new boss.

Just when the night can’t get anymore dramatic, Sara Lance shows up on the roof to play catch up with Ollie and Laurel. Alas, her journey has come to an end when an unknown assailant shoots three black arrows into her stomach and thus ending Caity Lotz paycheck for this month (RIP).


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