Mini Recaps: Homeland (4×03) and The Good Wife (6×04)

Homeland 4×03 “Shalwar Kameez”

Salwar Kameez, traditional clothes worn by Indian/Pakistan/Afghanistan men and women, made the title of this week’s episode. Why? Cause’ Carrie is back in Islamabad and take over Sandy’s place as chief station. On her first day, she encountered trouble and immediately handled it like a pro. By pro I mean, Carrie fired back when she was called “young lady” – God, isn’t she great? Anyway, Carrie returns with a plan and two missions: first to investigate the murder of Sandy Bachman and second to recruit Aayan as the US asset in Islamabad. For that Carrie needs help and she hired Fara (the drop-dead-gorgeous Nazanin Boniadi) and Max (Maury Sterling) as her new secret members!

They set up a faux identity at first, placing Fara as a British journalist who come to Islamabad to interview Aayan. Not falling for her breathtaking beauty, Aayan stormed out once Fara begin asking about the tragedy. Carrie later showed us (and Fara) what it’s like to recruit an asset: she staged another faux meet-up, pretending to be a sick woman in a restaurant’s bathroom that leads Aayan right to her bi-polar trap. Carrie managed to convince him that she is the “good guy” and promised to offer him safety and a chance for higher education (effective bait for third-world citizens).

After wrapping up her mission of the day, Carrie then bumps into Saul in town and asked his help to ease the situation with the US ambassador, who happen to be Saul’s ex-fiance. I like the female bonding smoking scene between Carrie and Ambassador Boyd on the rooftop – cigarette is the best ice breaker, am I right? While things are shaping up pretty good for Carrie, on the other continent Quinn is hitting it pretty hard. Still drinking and banging his red big girl, Quinn has a new obsession: re-watching Bachman’s murder on YouTube. Whaaa… it’s okay cause Quinn found a missing-link: they are being set up by an unknown third-party!

“We never had a chance,” Quinn later told Carrie on the phone, informing her about his new-found evidence and Carrie, after begging him to come to Islamabad, replied, “God I fucking love you, Quinn, you know that don’t you?” – yes, yes ship them Homeland!

The Good Wife 6×04 “Opposition Research”

There are no other on-going shows that blends comedy perfectly with drama as The Good Wife. This week we see Alicia’s progress in running for state’s attorney office. At first, things started up funny: Alicia sets up a huge meal for her meeting with Eli extending to cleaning her kitchen’s table and watch Darkness at Noon – a fake show that heavily copied True Detective. While Alicia thought her dinner meeting will be a casual and noiseless evening, then enters problem: Johnny (Steven Pasquale) is her new campaign manager who doubted her, Grace and her hallelujah choir friends provide this episode’s background music, along with Alicia finding out about her family’s skeletons!

Okay, the revelation of Zack and Nisa’s abortion caught me off guard (same as Alicia’s expression I assumed). It’s cool that the writer wants to add “darker” element into this season’s storyline, but isn’t it a little too extreme? Although seeing Alicia “cutting-off” Zack on the phone is a highlight to watch. Next in the family skeleton is Alicia’s gay brother’s and mother’s. The one spank a five-year old kid and got caught on tape and the other is having an affair with a married gay porn star (CBS didn’t censored bareback?!). The intervention meet with Owen and Veronica is hilarious to say the least and the follow-up apologize meeting with the kid’s mother is even better: “I should’ve spanked you, you bitch.” – Stockhard Channing score!

Despite the continuous tongue-in-cheek humor in this episode, I can’t help but worry about the drama part. In between the opposition research with Eli and Johnny, Alicia found out from Grace about her PAC (political action committee) fund raising by mysterious donor on the net, who we later learned is Alicia’s notorious client, Lemond Bishop. The ending scene between those two is enough to make any TGW’s fans worried about Alicia’s future decision. Wouldn’t Bishop’s trade-off be a conflict of interest for saint Alicia if she wins the state’s attorney campaign?

PS: I miss Kalinda.


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