Mini Recaps: Homeland (4×04) & The Good Wife (6×05)

The Good Wife “Shiny Objects”

When I first see Elsbeth Tascioni (the awesome Carrie Preston) on her treadmill while working on her new case, I thought this episode will be TGW’s usual ‘case of the week’ type.. but not quite! The episode focus mostly on her, yes, but it also give the other subplots to play along, as if the writers knew how underutilized the other have progressed this season.

Shiny Objects put Elsbeth and her new partner against Alicia and Dean for a wrongful termination lawsuit. I enjoyed the back and forth bantering between the two teams, while deciding whether Alicia’s new client is fired because she is woman or because she is… you know a bitch. Even better, Alicia knew the moment she met Elsbeth that this case will not be easy. Alicia then come up with a plan to distract her, thinking she knows how Elsbeth mind works, and for few minutes it actually work. Elsbeth got so distracted that she forget her lines in court but bounce back soon. And just when we thought Elsbeth will win the lawsuit, another problem arrives: Elsbeth’s client is charged with federal criminal charges, forcing both team to help each other.

On the other side, Diane, Carry and the Florrick Agos’ gang is baffled by the sudden malware attack on their computers. This subplots is funny to watch and make Diane the comic relief of the week (that was a huge cockroach!). However, Shiny Objects is not a filler episode since it dwell deeper on our two characters: Kalinda and Alicia’s states attorney campaign. Kalinda manipulates her federal friend Lana to help her track down the malware culprit and that of course involves some sexy time between the two. Despite the good ol’ bed moment, Kalinda have to face the real question: isn’t she bored with this kind of pursuit? I think this is a subtle nudge to Archie Panjabi’s news departure that came out this week. Will Kalinda winds up with Jill or Cary or perhaps something else?

Next we have Alicia’s own endorsement dilemma. Finn Polmar wants to endorse her at her candidacy announcement but Eli suggest otherwise. Alicia meets up with Finn to tell him but she later changed her mind since she clearly doesn’t care about politics. And that leads to a blow out moment with Peter: “I need you, but I don’t need Finn Polmar,” Peter screamed, “Well suck it up, Peter. Because he’s part of the deal,” Alicia retorts, “Really? Who’s the one sucking it up?” – anyone else thought this might be a real conversation between Bill and Hilary? (lol). The episode ends in a fitting manner displaying newspaper clippings of Peter’s old campaign juxtapose with Alicia’s, showing that perhaps there is still love in politics.

Homeland “Iron in the Fire”

Anddd… we are back on the surveillance bandwagon! Following last week’s twist, Carrie is working her ass off to find the guy on the video and she did! We learned that he is a dirty ISI freelancer. Carrie and team then sets up a peeping-tom inside his house and plan to catch him in action, or at least tailing him to his master. But that got put on halt when Aayan harbor his own secret to the Sandy Bachman’s murder.

After finding his medicine bag smashed, Aayan comes to Carrie to demand her promise for his new life but not before asking for 80.000 Rupees (which is not that much really) for personal issue. Suspicious, Carrie orders Fara and Max to pursue him which leads us to a big twist: Aayan’s terrorist uncle is back from the dead (or he is not dead in the first place!). Once Fara informs Carrie, she knew she has to come up with a new plan to make Aayan sticks around in Islamabad… and what a plan it was! But that have to wait because there is a new character introduced in this episode: Mark Moses (as seen above) joins Homeland as the US Ambassador’s husband. Later revealed, he is Sandy Bachman’s informer who steals confidential data from his wife. I have to say it’s nice seeing Paul Mark on the show and hope his character stays interesting.

Saul and Quinn also star in this episode: one tries to help Carrie to unfold the murder mystery with his own tactics, while the other is Carrie’s personal puppet. Back to our main twist a.k.a. how Carrie reacts in difficult circumstances. Look, I know it’s uncomfortable and sudden to see Carrie’s cold and predacious move upon the sweet and innocent Aayan, but what was she supposed to do? It is a daring move by the writers (especially when it involves a woman), but isn’t it the oldest trick in the book? Carrie Mathison is a spy and she acted like one.


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