Urban Legend (1998) Is The Perfect 90s Slasher Parody [Review]

Urban Legend is far from what one would call a cult horror flick, yet still I make sure to watch it every year during Halloween.

Following the slasher manual guide-book, the lead star as always is a female named Natalie (played by the charming Alicia Witt). She has witness so many murders in her lifetime that I am surprised she hasn’t lost her mind. But before that let us go back to the beginning when we see Michelle (played by Natasha Gregson Wagner) in the car who made a pit stop and got butchered by someone hiding behind her back seat. We later learned that Michelle and Natalie used to be best friends in high school and now they attend the same university.

After Michelle’s axe-murder opening credit, the scene moves to Pendleton’s University common hall (shot in the gorgeous University of Toronto) where we meet the rest of the characters. There is Paul (played by Jared Leto), the hot-shot journalist who writes about the killer on the loose after Michelle’s murder. After Paul, there are the duo best friends who practically live on campus and not planning to graduate anytime soon. They are Parker and Damon played by Michael Rosenbaum and my favourite Joshua Jackson sporting his blonde hair. Both dudes love to scare chicks with their stories especially the one in their very own university.

There are also Brenda and Sasha who are Natalie’s best friends. Brenda is played by crazy-hair Rebecca Gayheart who have the hots for Paul. Where else, Sasha (played by Tara Reid) is the local campus radio host who specialized in sex talk. I remember the silly scene when we first meet Sasha in the radio station answering a call. The caller asked whether she should get her stomach pumped after performing oral sex on the school’s team?! But that question should wait because there is a killer on campus. Apparently decades ago a massacre took place in Pendleton, but it’s always debunked as an urban legend. Has the killer return for another round?

First I think the movie have a great lightning effect whether it’s in the bathroom, on the campus or even inside a dorm room. It can be blinding at times, but it sure adds the fun/creepy level. I also love the cheesy background score by Australian-born music composer/director Jamie Blanks. Finally we have the infamous death scenes replicating the urban legends. It’s nothing gory but it sure is fun to watch. I have mentioned the first death scene with the killer on the back seat (side note: do you guys check your back seat before you enter the car? I always do). Following that are: hung from a tree, strangle to death, run over by a car and a kidney heist.

Who said 90s slasher isn’t fun?


2 thoughts on “Urban Legend (1998) Is The Perfect 90s Slasher Parody [Review]

  1. snapcracklewatch

    I always remember that first scene from this movie, with the killer in the back seat! So freaky! You are right they don’t make movies like this anymore. I love seeing all these 90s actors… oh the good old days.

  2. 13mesh

    Yay another 90s slasher fan! Rebecca Gayheart still freaks me out till this day lol.

    I think I have seen almost all of the slasher, although, any recommendations?

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