Cry_Wolf (2005) Is a Perfect Whodunit Thriller [Review]

After writer Jeff Wadlow won $1,000,000 at the 2002 Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival, he decided to write and direct Cry Wolf, a movie which later made a whooping $15,585,821 at the box office. Taking place at Westlake Prepatory Academy, a posh boarding school for rich kids, Owen Matthews arrived with thirst for adventure. After meeting the school’s brainy red-hair Dodger, Owen is introduced to the rest of the team – made up of assorted kids with different ambitions where he fits right in with his rich background and smart-ass attitude. The new kid and his friends soon play a made up game of ‘wolf and sheep’, where they send e-mail chain letters to the rest of the school informing them about a serial killer on the loose. It is not surprising that the students bought it all up, since earlier that week (month?) a local girl was found dead with a bullet in her head. Little did Owen know that his e-mail pranks will soon become a reality.

Julian Morris (Pretty Little Liars) as Owen Matthews is a decent lead. His British accent is quite thick here, but you can still understand him. Jared Padalecki, who was probably waiting for Supernatural to get picked up stars as Owen’s laid back new roommate. However, the movie’s element of surprise comes from Canadian actress Lindy Booth who stars as Dodger Allen, your mysterious heroine. The cast’s chemistry is strong and appealing, makes you wonder whether the actors are friends in real life (Director Jeff Wadlow made them ‘bunk together’ during the shooting process).

The jump-scare is limited as well as the sex scenes compare to other teen slashers. Instead it’s replace by a tight ambiance of mystery that made Cry Wolf a perfect whodunit thriller. Don’t watch to see a low-budget slasher movie because this is none; a straightforward and engaging thriller that sets up the mood just right.


3 thoughts on “Cry_Wolf (2005) Is a Perfect Whodunit Thriller [Review]

  1. 13mesh

    Thank you for the encouraging words, Robbin. I find the financial aspect interesting too, the movie definitely looked decent for the given budget, don’t you think? Did you enjoy the movie?

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