The House of the Devil (2009) Is The Perfect Horror Movie 101 [Review]

Shot on 16mm film camera, The House of the Devil delivers what it promise: a retro horror flick. The movie’s theme paid homage to the 70s and 80s horror movies where haunted house, satanic cult and slasher sub-genre all mashed up into one. Writer and Director Ti West’s third movie (and his first critical acclaimed) is clever in suspense building. When Samantha Hughes take up a baby sitting job for extra cash to pay for her new-found home, she never thought her clients are bunch of weirdos. The movie takes its time to reel you in and let you get anxious thinking something bad is going to happen. The restlessness one’s experience from watching the first half alone is worth all the praises, since most newcomer horrors rely heavily on either its script, props or actors and will likely forget the thrill one’s get just by waiting.

Actress Jocelin Donahue is memorable as Samantha: a pretty face who looks smart in the beginning but made dumb decision at the end. Her dancing scene to The Fixx’s One Thing Leads To Another is my favourite. Indie film star Greta Gerwig plays Samantha’s concerned gal pal; I wish she would have stayed longer. The House of the Devil is not the best horror movie (the ending didn’t do it for me), but it is perfect for horror films studies 101.

Soundtrack by The Fixx


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