Lucy (2014) Is a Provocative Fiction of An Acquired Taste [Review]

Luc Besson’s 2014 movie is not your typical science fiction tale of revenge, good vs evil, or superhuman strength; it tries to tackle something else… something curious. Shot in Taipei, Paris and New York City, Lucy tells a story about female student trapped in a drug mule operation gone bad. The script was predicted as a shall action-packed movie, where our lead actress will kick several bad guys’ asses and saves the day. Half an hour in, Lucy starts to steer away from the predicted direction and present us with transhumanist, brain myth (10%) and other absurd theories that can make one yell “What the f*ck am I watching?”

Scarlett Johansson did not give her career defining performance in this one, but I will not forget her as Lucy anytime soon either. Morgan Freeman nailed it as the bewildered Professor Norman who might want to rechecked his state of mind after the movie ends. My only complained is the ridiculous and stereotypical Korean bad guys here, I mean how can a group of Korean mobsters enter Paris, let alone the laboratory, without alarming the government? Perhaps this is the kind of plot holes one expected from these movies. However that doesn’t change the fact that Lucy is a silly, funny and strange movie that delivers a provocative fiction of an acquired taste. Or to quote Besson on this one, “Lucy is an action film with a purpose.”


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