Cherry Falls (2000) Is An Underrated Horror Satire [Review]

After a few minutes into watching Cherry Falls, I have to paused and looked up on the internet whether the movie is actually a satire (and indeed it is!). The reason behind my suspicion was because I can’t help laughing and cringed at the bad acting, cheesy dialogue and the kooky killer portrayal. The late Brittany Murphy, who was twenty-three then, stars as Jody Marken: a strange high school student with a horrible fashion taste. We first meet her inside the car with Kenny Ascott (Revenge’s Gabriel Mann) who after a heavy making-out session wanted to go forward into the third base. But Jody, being the local sheriff’s daughter, stopped him and the two later broke up. The next day Jody learned that there is a serial killer on the loose; a killer who wears skirt, high heels and also likes to kill virgins. The motive sounds funny to her classmates but the information might be problematic for Jody Marken.

Australian director Geoffrey Wright heightened the killing-method in this one: it was not gory but I am impressed. The sex angle also played out differently; it was rather laugh out loud than sexy. However scriptwriter Ken Salden’s choice of the killer’s back story will not pleased everyone (sleazy comes to mind). The only way to enjoy Cherry Falls is to perceive it as a black comedy, which is fun, awkward and mindless all at the same time!


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