I Give It a Year (2013) Is Not A Romantic Comedy Movie [Review]

I Give It a Year is a British comedy that centers on Nat and Josh, a newlywed couple who everyone knows will not last long. The movie explores days after their wedding, following their differences, love and problems while combined with heartfelt chemistry and tons of obscene jokes. Right, at first I thought the running jokes will be the movie’s problem, especially after the offensive gags delivered by Stephen Merchant in the beginning. However, there are actually few scenes that made me laughed, which may or may not include a threesome and a messed up charade game.

Debutant director Dan Mazer fortunately doesn’t dwell in his infamous jokes, rather he tried to explore the characters and their viewpoints. Over the years, I have liked few rom-coms but to define I Give It as a romantic comedy feels weird. The humour are dry and lewd, and definitely not for uptight movie goers (no poop jokes, tho). Despite the warm chemistry between the leads, the ending made me wonder whether Dan Mazer is serious with this movie to begin with.

Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall as the couple in crisis are engaging; they are talented actors no matter what roles they play. Where else Anna Faris and Simon Baker managed to get your attention at times. I Give It a Year is not your date movie material, but a drunk movie night doesn’t sound bad either.


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