Jamie Marks Is Dead (2014) Is a Trippy and Supernatural Indie Movie [Review]

Based on a novel One For Sorrow by Christopher Barzak, Jamie Marks Is Dead tells the story of two high school students: Adam and Jamie. Adam is quite popular where else Jamie is not, he is bullied and a loner. One day, Jamie died and his body was discovered by Adam and Gracie near a river bank. The whole town is shaken after the incident, yet no one knew nor care about who killed Jamie. While Adam and Gracie’s relationship blossom after their meet, they have another problem at hand: Jamie is now a ghost and they both can see him.

Fashion photographer turned director, Carter Smith succeed in creating an eerie yet plausible supernatural-drama movie. Jamie’s ghost looks pale yet he is far from scary. The psychological in play is what delivers the movie a handful of wonderful praises from the critics (premiered at 2014 Sundance Film Festival). Jamie Marks Is Dead is marketed as a horror, but it’s much more than that: it explores the loneliness of two teenagers who given the circumstance rely on each other to move forward. There are no jump scare here, but there is plenty of edginess and angst to build up the tension.

Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) suits the role of Adam. He is one of those young actors who is able to act lonely. Noah Silver (Tyrant) also gives a strong performance as the nerdy yet aggressive Jamie Marks. Liv Tyler shows up as Adam’s caring (and weird) mother, where else Judy Greer is in a few scenes as her new friend.


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