The Treatment (2014) Is A Refreshing Change of Hollywood’s Psychological Thriller [Review]

The Treatment is a Belgium movie (De Behandeling) based on British author Mo Hayder’s second novel in Jack Caffery series. The movie serves as a stand-alone movie with no connection to the character’s history. The Treatment introduce us to inspector Nick Cafmeyer who has a troubled past: his brother was abducted when they were nine-year old and the case remains unsolved. The police arrested a sex offender, Plettinckx, but he was never officially charged. When a case similar to his missing brother come to surface, Nick goes berserk trying to solve the ominous case and capture the perpetrator.

Director Hans Herbots did a marvelous job in creating a threatening atmosphere and thus delivering an engaging movie of 125 minutes. Belgium actor Geert Van Rampelberg portrayal as Nick Cafmeyer is also hypnotizing; he can get under your skin with his machismo act, but it’s balance by his sincere action to solve the case. The Treatment is definitely not a movie for everyone since it tackles dark and disturbing topics such as: pedophilia and mental illness. There are no explicit scenes or anything graphic, but it sure is emotionally draining and not for those who are squeamish. I feel weird recommending this, but I can’t ignore that The Treatment is indeed a well-made “uncomfortable” thriller that relies on psychological whirlwind than the usual visual gorefest.


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