Le Dernier Jour (2004) Is A French Movie of Teenage Isolation [Review]

Le Dernier Jour (The Last Day) opens with Simon on the way home to visit his family for Christmas. On the train ride from Paris, he bumped into Louise, a beautiful stranger who ended up at his house in time for holiday. Simon is an artist who is very close to his mother yet his father and sister seems to dislike him for a reason. Simon and Louise grow closer by each day, yet when Louise is also attracted to Simon’s childhood friend Mathieu, Simon become distress and begin to isolate himself.

Twenty-year old Gaspard Ulliel did a great job by playing the lonely and misunderstood Simon. It’s also clear Simon is confused about his sexual orientation, and with the stress of his dysfunctional family on top of everything makes Simon a character you want to root for. Melanie Laurent as the gorgeous stranger is fitting; she is perfect and seductive. Saying that, however, director Rodolphe Marconi‘s movie is not for everyone since he has a very peculiar way of directing (and editing). First, the movie can be confusing for anyone who is not familiar with foreign films. The movie’s narration and dialogues are not clear-cut; it’s like a puzzle you have to put together by your own. There are questions that are meant to be unanswered as well. If you have no trouble with those then give Le Dernier Jour a go.

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