Nightcrawler (2014) Has a Good Premise But Lacks Reality Check [Review]

Nightcrawler is a slang for news crew who hunts for juicy bits at late night hours; and our guy Louis Bloom happens to be one of them. How Louis ended up as a crime journalist is peculiar, yet it definitely makes one thing clear: he is a driven psychopath. Louis then begins to learn the loops and hoops of crime journalism, and even get himself a naive sidekick, Rick, who also help him with navigation.

Serving as one of the producers, Jake Gyllenhaal gave a different performance of his career. It was not as bonkers as in Donnie Darko nor was it as upstanding as in Prisoner, and yet the thirty-three year old actor gave his heart, soul and weight (lose twenty pounds) for the role and it paid off. I was hoping for some strong acting from Rene Russo but she didn’t do justice for the role. Bill Paxton was briefly there as Louis’ nemesis. On the other hand, Riz Ahmed did splendid as Rick, Louis’ simple minded protegé.

Written and directed by Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler sounds exciting if it take place in the 90s where late night TV were gold mines for ambitious psychopaths. But in the era of smartphones, internet celebrities and even reality TV, I find the script lackluster at best. I mean wouldn’t Louis rather opt for social medias like YouTube or Facebook to gained money and bigger stardom with his schemes? Speaking of Louis, we all can agree he is a charming anti-hero character, but does it bothered anyone else how “easy” it was all for him? Even Walter White faced obstacles along the way you know.

If you look at Nightcrawler as a fun ‘late night’ thriller, then sure it is a tour de force film. But as an intended clever satire, it can do better than that.


2 thoughts on “Nightcrawler (2014) Has a Good Premise But Lacks Reality Check [Review]

  1. polarbears16

    I thought this was a really great film. It had its flaws, especially at the end, but Gyllenhaal’s performance anchored it throughout. I thought the media satire could’ve been better–or at least more interesting–but the jabs at capitalism and the American Dream were well done. Great review, and I’m very, very glad (and a bit surprised) that Gyllenhaal got that Golden Globe nom.

  2. 13mesh

    That’s what I meant about the satire as well. But for what it’s worth it was entertaining. I was actually surprised Nightcrawler isn’t nominated since most critics and viewers enjoyed it. On the other hand, Jake’s entry is always a sure bet for me. Thank you for the comment, PB! 🙂

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