Two Days, One Night (2014) Posed A Difficult Question For Every Men and Women [Review]

Two Days, One Night follows the live of Sandra, a blue-collar Belgian mother who lost her job after a nervous breakdown. After her time off, Sandra returns to work only to find that she has been fired since the management realized they don’t need seventeen workers in a small solar panel factory. Sandra then got two days and one night (weekend) to visit each of her colleagues to convinced them to reject their bonuses in order to get her job back. Can Sandra managed? Will her co-workers agree?

French national treasure Marion Cotillard gives one of the finest performances I have seen in a while. Her body language, facial expression and accent as Sandra is surprisingly composed and perfectly transformed, making it hard not to see her as her character. Accompanying her is Fabrizio Rongione as Sandra’s husband, Manu who stayed by her side during the struggle. His character is two-dimensional, some will consider him pushy while other will praise him for being a caring husband.

Directed by the famous Dardenne brothers, Two Days, One Night doesn’t have an opening credit; the first scene pushed you right into the heart of the trouble which caught me off guard to be honest. The film is quiet and has a slow pace yet it’s incredibly engaging since it makes you want to root for Sandra to succeed on her mission. Apart from examining the living situation of the working class in Belgium, Two Days, One Night also asked crucial questions, among others: Should money be more important than helping others? How can you help someone battling depression: leave them be or pushed them to face their demons?


2 thoughts on “Two Days, One Night (2014) Posed A Difficult Question For Every Men and Women [Review]

  1. 13mesh

    I am dying to watch The Immigrant as well. I think you will like this film as well. Kinda bummed out she didn’t get any nom at the Golden Globes.

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