North by Northwest (1959) Is a Parade of One-Liners and Great Acting [Review]

This Alfred Hitchcock’s classic tells the story of a New York executive who is mistaken for a government agent by a group of foreign spies and have to fly across town to seek answers. I haven’t seen many of Hitchcock’s movies (just the popular ones), and I must say North by Northwest took me by surprise. It’s a surprise because Hitchcock combines the exact wit and attitude which is refreshing and honestly, clever.

To call this movie a mystery/thriller is kind of misleading since there are no real “thrill”. Sure you are curious to crack the puzzle of Roger O. Thornhill’s peculiar situation, but the twist or even the thrill in this matter is nothing new for us modern cinema-goers. Instead don’t focus on that because the appeal of North by Northwest lies in its series of hilarious one-liners written by Ernest Lehman and solid acting by its duo actors. My first time watching Cary Grant and the dude doesn’t disappoint. His performance as the hapless Mr Thornhill is impeccably amusing and old-school charming. Where else Eva Marie Saint is delightful as Eve Kendall, the elegant mysterious woman Roger meet on the train.

I won’t lie, North by Northwest can be pretty melodramatic at times but it sure as hell is entertaining.


2 thoughts on “North by Northwest (1959) Is a Parade of One-Liners and Great Acting [Review]

  1. Keith

    That humor element you mention in inherent to Cary Grant. He had incredible comedic timing. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I love it and I would definitely recommend searching out more of Grant’s films. He has earned his reputation as one of the greats.

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