Foxcatcher (2014) Is A Dark Wrestling Movie. Dare To See It? [Review]

Based on a true crime story, the movie follows American wrestler brothers Mark and Dave Schultz encounter with multimillionaire John E. du Pont in the late 80s. The movie explores the relationship between the three, but focusing on Mark and John in the center. Mark Schultz is a loner wrestling champion who spend his day-to-day obsessing about the sport. John du Pont is a multimillionaire with an enthusiastic obsession of the sport, and something else on the side. Where else, Dave is a family man who tried his best to provide for his family, while being there for his brother. The three lives intertwined and before they know it, disaster awaits in the end.

Directed by Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher played the suspense cards quite well. It’s slow in the beginning but gradually grows with thrill. I heard from an interview that Miller directed a four-hour rough cut, but then chopped it down again to 134 minutes. And perhaps that was the down side. The beginning suspense is meticulously enjoyable and reached its climax in the middle, but unfortunately it loses its punch towards the end: a predictable turn out.

While the movie lacks glue to hold its script together, the actors, however, excels in delivering the best ensemble cast in years (yes, I said it). Channing Tatum has proven himself as an actor in these past few years and I believe Foxcatcher to be his pinnacle. Despite no nominations under his belt, it’s exciting to see Tatum’s future performance in a dramatic role. Steve Carell transforms (and even get lost) in his character as the obsessed, mommy-issue and egomaniac John du Pont. For someone who got famous playing Michael Scott in The Office, Steve Carell showed off his talent without additional effort. Where else Mark Ruffalo, who is a one gifted Hulk, did alright as the family man.

In the end Foxcatcher is a surprising, well-crafted dark movie that deserves all the praises!


7 thoughts on “Foxcatcher (2014) Is A Dark Wrestling Movie. Dare To See It? [Review]

  1. Keith

    For me this one is all about the performances. Carrell, Ruffalo, and Tatum give three very different but very strong performances.

    FIne review!

  2. polarbears16

    Good movie, but lacking something. I felt like the du Pont characterization was too much of a symbol exploration and not enough a character exploration. I did, however, love Ruffalo’s performance, especially during that interview scene.

  3. sidekickreviews

    Good review Mesh! I could help but to think while I watching Foxcatcher that the Hulk and Gambit are brothers haha. Actually, I really liked both Ruffalo and Tatum in this and Carrell is nearly unrecognizable.

  4. 13mesh

    I agree, and that was a well-put argument about du Pont’s character. I always like Ruffalo, but I am kind of annoyed Tatum is not nominated instead, given he has more screen time (or so I thought). Your comment is always a pleasure, PB πŸ™‚

  5. 13mesh

    Thank you buddy! And I am imagining it now after you said that hahaha… it would be fun to see them (Hulk and Gambit) in a movie together.

    I agree, Carell’s performance is unlike anything he has done before. It’s always exhilarating to see an actor’s talent, and in this case Steve is one versatile performer πŸ™‚

  6. thycriticman

    I liked Captain Phillips a lot more than you did…

    …and I have been slacking on this due to hearing how slow it is. But I do got to catch up and it is cool that Carell delivers an impressive performance. He is one of my favorites and I always enjoy his dramatic turns.

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