Is Seventh Son (2015) a Commercial Garbage? [Review]

Based on the The Last (Spook’s) Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, Seventh Son is another Hollywood’s fantasy, young-adult movie involving magic and dragons. Jeff Bridges plays a bearded dude who fights evil spirit and his name is Spook. Since he is old and whatnot, he has an apprentice. The first apprentice is Jon Snow who in this movie is called Billy Bradley, and who for the first few minutes I thought is our main hero. Alas, he is not, he died and then was replaced by the last apprentice in line, the seventh one to be precise, Tom Ward. Mr Ward is played by Prince Caspian’s Ben Barnes who is not like Spook’s other protege. He is clueless, stubborn and doesn’t follow orders.

One day, he meet young Alice (Swedish hottie Alicia Vikander) who is being dragged away and accused as a witch. As any lad at the time, Mr Ward come to her rescue and fall for her charm. Later, Tom Ward finds out that Alice is indeed a witch. And to make matters worse, her aunt is Mother Malkin, a powerful witch slash dragon. Malkin, fresh from prison, has a plan to gather her evil armies and take over the country. Can Tom Ward be the last apprentice and save them all? What will Malkin do when she finds out Alice falls for the young farmer? Moreover, will Jeff Bridges return as Spook in the future installment? Okay, I am in no position to answer that, but after a quick web search, it’s quite certain he will not.

Directed by Russian Sergei Bodrov, Seventh Son, sure is a formulaic fantasy movie. The storyline is monotone, the special effects is mind-boggling mediocre, and the dialogue is predictable. But, does that mean it’s a bad fantasy movie? Not necessarily. Ben Barnes is an adequate actor, and with Jeff Bridges joining him as the drunken, goofy Spook and Julianne Moore having the time of her life playing evil Mother Malkin, Seventh Son is surprisingly entertaining. Don’t watch the movie expecting Harry Potter or whatever young adults read these days, because you know it isn’t.


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