Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Failed to Serve Its New Villain [Review]

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The second installment of Avengers: Age of Ultron is not a complete lackluster as some might say. Joss Whedon’s direction for Age of Ultron is still enjoyable, funny and action-worthy from beginning to the end. The decision to open right in the middle of an action sequence is, admit it, brilliant. Now in Avengers 2 the team members return, each with deeper personal stories. We have Iron Man and his cocky attitude, which leads to the creation of Ultron: the evil A.I. aka James Spader Gone Terminator. Captain America’s good-nature stuck out in contrast to Tony Stark and give fans the ultimate wet-dreams of what Civil War‘s movie experience could be. For the other Avengers Age of Ultron’s cast, the romance between Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner is kind of misplaced here, unexpected even. But, it certainly adds a nice humane side to the already gargantuan script. For the mighty Thor, sadly, he goes back to recurring comic relief and saves the day.

We are also introduced to two new characters, or superhuman, as they are called in Age of Ultron. I enjoyed Evan Peters as Quicksilver and found Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda a bit too Charmed, but that doesn’t mean they are not entertaining. However, the character that doesn’t fit quite right in for me is Hawkeye’s and his secretive family. Sure, it’s a welcome change to see the superhero as normal folks, but it lacks the emotional tug in this Avengers series.

Like in other Avengers films, I do enjoy the final mega battle, but felt the scene when Thor dived right through the fallen Island to save Steve Rogers was especially exceptional! (especially when you watched it in Imax 3D). The action combined with Ben Davis’ cinematography were astounding during the two and half hours Avengers ride. New film locations, such as Seoul, South Africa, and the Italian mountainside give a fresh breath of air to Marvel’s superhero movie, proving Joss Whedon is one detailed director.

Promising a new, tougher eponymous villain in Age of Ultron, I feel this aspect of the film failed to serve its purpose. Ultron as the villain can seem menacing, psychopathic at times, yet there were never times that I felt threatened. He is just another robot (okay, an A.I.), and his sarcastic attitude doesn’t help to convey him otherwise. I find X-Men’s Sentinels even more terrifying.

However, there were a few surprise cameo of Android’s The Vision, which is a nice turn of event…. yet awkward at the same time. What is the point of his role, will he serve to a bigger purpose in Avengers 3? Or was that the aim since Avengers has always been an overloaded team? In the end, don’t expect an equivalent to Loki for a new villain, instead, let yourself be entertained by the ensemble’s chemistry because we know they excel awesomely at that.

Total Score: 70/100.

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