How Did George Clooney Fare In a Disney Film? Tomorrowland (2015) Movie Review

Tomorrowland is the name of Disney theme parks, and obviously they opt it as the name of their new film. A group of intelligent people were brought in to Tomorrowland, an alternate dimension place, to come up with a plan to save the future. Directed by the brilliant Brad Bird, the film starts out quite fun. Staying true to its “kid movie” roots, you will find cool futuristic design, campy humour and futuristic gizmos in this one. The plot is simple, Frank Walker (George Clooney) found his way to Tomorrowland as a young boy, and now decades later, brainy teen Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) discovers the same place with the help of a droid recruiter girl, Athena. Together the three of them embarks on a journey to save Earth’s future.

Penned by Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird himself, the film’s script is lackluster to say the least. Great beginning, weird middle, and dull ending. Lindelof has some good concept, you gotta give him that, yet as some movie critics have stated, he is known to cop-out in the end (Lost); it’s evident here when the movie failed to deliver what it promises. The movie’s theme was influenced by Walt Disney’s futuristic vision and the curiousity for innovation. Take this and matched them with Brad Bird’s colourful imagination and you will witness some impressive display on-screen. Cinematographer Claudio Miranda did a splendid job capturing the version of Tomorrowland, there were times when my eyes were glue to the screen for a long time.

Now, no one really knows why Clooney signed in on this and let that be a mystery. Would Frank Walker be remember years from now? Yes, people will need to refer Tomorrowland when they discuss about George Clooney’s career, “Remember the time Clooney starred in a Disney movie?” TV star Britt Robertson excels as the lead star, while actress Raffey Cassidy hone her acting skill in scenes with George Clooney and I must say she is great for a twelve-year-old kid (yes, 12). My favourite scene would be the time Frank and Casey escape from the robotic army over at his widget-y house.


4 thoughts on “How Did George Clooney Fare In a Disney Film? Tomorrowland (2015) Movie Review

  1. sidekickreviews

    I’m glad to see Britt Robertson get a starring movie role. I’ve seen some of her TV stuff and she’s really good even if the show itself isn’t haha. 😀 Good review!

  2. 13mesh

    Thanks buddy! Same here. I already liked Britt Robertson in Life Unexpected and even The Secret Circle (altho, the series was lame haha). She did a cameo in Scream 4 too! Hopefully she will be starring in more feature movies 😀

  3. 13mesh

    Hi Khalid, thank you for the comment. I think for “kids” movie, Tomorrowland is not a bad pastime. Looking forward to your review 🙂

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