Minions (2015) Is So Good That It’s Bad? [Review]

It’s hard to escape the minions. This yellow weirdos apparently have been around since the beginning of time, living life with only one purpose: serving the most evil master. At first they serve several “baddies”, such as T-Rex, Caveman, Dracula, ancient Pharaoh and even Napoleon. After wondering for a while with no master to serve, three brave minions (in the 60s) volunteer to seek out a new despicable master in America. Once they arrived in New York, Kevin, Bob and Stuart meet the maniacal Scarlet Overkill and her husband Herb at a Villain-Con and decided to do everything to be their sidekicks – will they succeed?

In 2012, Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment announced their plan to do a minions movie spin-off. After the success of Despicable Me 2, it is not wrong to expect the yellow-beans movie to be a laugh riot. The script penned by Brian Lynch (he wrote Puss in Boots) sounds too good to be true: we got to see the minions adventure before becoming Gru’s lacky. And with stellar voices of Sandra Bullock as the new villain Scarlet Overkill and Jon Hamm as her husband, this project is a sure goldmine. When we first meet Mrs Overkill, I thought she would be a good villain based on her slick demeanor, coiffed hair and kick ass action. However, halfway through something changed in her. She got funnier yet predictable, as in “she is crazy for the crown and I am not amused”.

Jon Hamm, Sandra Bullock and Pierre Coffin (the director/voice/creator of the minions) sure know how to have fun with their characters and who can blame them? From featuring the Queen of England to meeting a villain-inspired family – the movie is packed with silliness like nothing before. Yet among the goofy scenarios, only a few are genuinely hilarious. The minions, thankfully, are still adorable and not overbearing. But, the movie itself feels heavy-handed with weak climax, poor dialogue and unadjusted script that missed the opportunity to bring something new to the series. In one of the scenes Scarlet Overkill said, “Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?” and I thought she is referring to the movie.


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