Ant-Man (2015) Is An Excellent Tiny Hero [Review]

In 1989, Dr Hank Pym created a robotic suit that allows himself to shrink, but when he found out SHIELD is planning to replicate his creation and failed, he hid it away. In the present day, his company is being led by his daughter, Hope van Dyne, and protegé Darren Cross. However Cross is experimenting to build the shrinking suit himself and in order to stop Cross Dr Pym needs a successor to plot a heist and save his Ant-Man’s technology. Who is the guy? Scott Lang: a failed family man with a big heart and a criminal record.

Directed by Peyton Reed (Bring It On, The Break Up & Yes Man), Ant Man is a lighthearted movie with plenty of laughs and little action. The movie’s theme is the family affair between fathers and daughters and they played it well. The movie also did a good job making us to like Scott Lang, despite being a burglar, he is the perfect “not so serious” hero. Marvel’s trademark to combine humour and action fell flat here. The humour works in some level but not always, especially when it interferes with the movie’s plot. The action sequence is redundant, which is sad given how bad-ass other Marvel movies are. The climax also failed to bring anything we haven’t seen before. I have issues with Yellowjacket… he is just so boring. Corey Stoll is a fine actor, but his Darren Cross is as blah as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

On a positive note, the cinematography by Russell Carpenter works well with the special effects. I enjoyed the scene where Lang have to practice doing stunts and riding ants before the heist. Where else the background music by Christophe Beck works well for the movie. I normally don’t pay much attention, but Ant-Man’s music score is hard to neglect. I have to give credits to the ensemble cast. Paul Rudd excels in this role. I was afraid he might be “too” goofy as Scott Lang, but dude is terrific. Michael Douglas as Hank Pym is engaging and memorable. Where else Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne is smart, tough and sexy. Also it is a pleasant surprise to see Michael Peña being funny for once.

Ant-Man may not be Marvel’s greatest hits in my book, but compared to the lackluster The Amazing Spider-Man, at least this movie managed to make me smile.


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