Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) is a British Gem with an Obnoxious Title [Review]

Four Weddings and a Funeral is about a group of friends in the 90s who attend five social occasions: four weddings and a funeral. The movie starts with the first wedding where we meet Charles and Scarlett who are late to a friend’s wedding. During the ceremony we meet the other friends: the gay couple (Gareth and Matthew), the sassy Fiona and the desperate Tom. While contemplating on their single lives at the reception, Charles meets Carrie, the gorgeous American girl who he completely adores. They both slept together and Carrie goes back to America! Fret not, over the course of three weddings and a funeral, Charles will bumped into Carrie over and over again. Are they each others soul mates?

The movie’s title is confusing, but the concept is brilliant. I love that as the audience, we are kept back about the characters – it’s sort of like playing catch up with your old high school friends. However, these characters are nothing if not memorable. Hugh Grant stars as the ‘confused about love’ Charles who falls completely for the enigmatic Carrie. Grant is easily one of the best Rom Com actors and he delivered a great performance. Whileย Andie MacDowell as Carrie is charming as expected. I am not against their romance, but I do find their chemistry a tad daunting at times.

The problematic romance between Charles and Carrie is the main focus, but if you found yourself bored by them, you can and will still enjoy the other subplots. Who doesn’t enjoy watching Gareth and Matthew together? Or the sassy Fiona and her smoking routine? Rowan Atkinson even starred as the nervous priest on the altar – it doesn’t get better than this. Richard Curtis’ debut screenplay is rich with quirky and desperate romance, which can only be found in British films. Where else director Mike Newell delivered a real, funny movie with hearts. My favourite scene is the ending credit where we see the characters’ future lives and ‘Chapel of Love’ playing in the background.


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