Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) is Stronger Than Anticipated [Review]

The movie starts with its signature credit, the latest update from the galaxy far far away. With Luke Skywalker gone, the resistance fighters of Republic are desperate to fight off the new threatening organization, The Death Star. Next scene, rows of Stromtroopers inside a spaceship are ready to be deployed. A droid is seen on deserted island of Jakku, where his owner, pilot Poe Darmon is there to obtained the map of Luke’s whereabouts from a village elder. He told Darmon that without the Jedi there will be no balance in the Force. I guess not, because throng of Stormtroopers come blasting laser guns and kill the villagers afterwards. However, among them one Stormtrooper act confused, as if he is almost reluctant with his mission. Sensing the night will turned bad, Poe hand over the map to his droid, BB-8 and asked him to flee the scene. Poe is then captured by Kyle Ren – a tall, mysterious figure wearing a sinister helmet who is looking after the same map.

The opening scene sold me right away! Being a non-massive fan of the franchise, I am very impressed by how entertaining the opening scene was. For the plot, I love the introduction of the new characters and the interactions they have with each other. As if it’s alright to say that if you don’t like Han Solo or General Leia, you might like these guys. From a StormTrooper with a conscience, a powerful woman Jedi to Han Solo’s evil son? You know you can’t get better than this.

Director J.J Abrams, who is a God among mortals in Hollywood terms, delivered a more than impressive work. Despite feeling lukewarm to the franchise, I wondered how well will J.J Abrams’ Star Wars movie would be since I am a fan of the man. Starting all the way from his Felicity and Alias days, I have admired his work as a director and storyteller. His work in Star Trek sold him as a motion picture director to many. Albeit the second movie being somewhat… lackluster, I still very much love his work. And now I am happy to report that after spending 135 minutes watching Force Awakens I have found a new respect for Abrams. His narration is splendid, his direction is dramatic but needed for a Space Opera, and lastly he excels in delivering a straightforward film. My favourite scene was when Rey and Finn stole the Falcon and encounter Han Solo, followed by the monster attack the three had afterwards. There is something comical about the combinations of drama and action there that made me smile when I recall the scene.

I have to give credits to the cinematographer Dan Mindel who made space opera feel not ridiculous and to the awesome background music by John Williams who gave me goosebumps, thinking “Damn, I am really watching the new Star Wars film”. For the actors, I think we all can agree that John Boyega should be a big star after his work here, right? Daisy Ridley as Rey is good and I have no complains, although I know certain people don’t feel the same – to each of their own I guess. It was great to watch Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher once again. And of course to conclude, Adam Driver (who I really despise on Girls) turned out to be the best actors among them all. The scene between Kylo and Han on the bridge was spectacular to say the least, followed by the scene between Kylo and Rey in the snow – gorgeous cinematography with equally great scene.

Now when all is said and done, I am not saying Star Wars The Force Awakens is a perfect movie to its core. Truth is, I can’t be biased because there are plot holes in some scenes and some can be over-the-top as well. But, can it be overlooked? Certainly.

5 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) is Stronger Than Anticipated [Review]

  1. sidekickreviews

    I was a fan of Felicity and Alias back in the day, it’s very cool to see J.J. Abrams take on huge franchises like Star Trek and now Star Wars. I think what I liked about The Force Awakens is that it recaptured that old Star Wars magic and feeling, including comedic stuff in the middle of a battle. I’m totally liking all the new characters too! Good review Mesh!

  2. 13mesh

    It is indeed cool of Abrams coming from small screen and now ruling the silver screen! And you got it right, I agree with the nostalgia element that made the movie relatable to many. Thank you, Eddie 🙂

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