The Boy (2016): Is It That Good of a Horror Movie? [Review]

With the influx of bad horror movies, it’s not surprising if we missed out on some of the good ones. The Boy is not a perfect example of a good horror movie, but it isn’t a bad one either. When Greta Evans, an American nanny, is hired to look after an English boy in a remote countryside, she is shocked to learned that the boy is a life-sized human doll. Not wanting to go back to her old life, Greta decided to stay and treat her current job as a joke although she has been warned to follow a set of rules by the parents. The rules include to not let guests enter the house and to give the doll a good night’s kiss. After Greta ignored the rules, disturbing events starting to happen – Is Greta losing her mind or is the boy really alive?

Directed by William Brent Bell, the movie’s premise sure sounds old: “the possessed doll” has been done over so many times (remember Chucky?). However, it doesn’t mean that it loses its scary touch. The Boy has a weak beginning, but the movie’s set up is excellent (you couldn’t ask for a scarier setting than an English countryside) with great jump scare and an eerie background score. The “Boy” doll itself is creepy with its mannequin like body and hollow eyes that will make your stomach churned when he stares right into the camera.

Like I said The Boy started out pretty weak with clichรฉ jump scares, involving Greta being trapped in the attic. But it took a 90 degrees turn in the middle, particularly when Greta is convinced that the doll is possessed and decides to stay by his side. During this time, one might have predicted how the film will ends, but let me tell you this you are wrong. The Boy is not a good example of a horror movie, because the “twist” is… it is not one: it’s a thriller at best with minor horror teasing, which frankly worked out in my favour.

Walking Dead’s actress Lauren Cohen played Greta Evans with more gusto than I initially expected. The scene with her going up to the attic is silly, but it sure says that Greta isn’t your usual horror chick character. Rupert Evans joined Cohen as Malcolm, the grocery man who fell for Greta and stick with her till the very end.

The Boy’s twist is what made me rate this above average, when it could easily fall flat and turned mediocre.


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