Deadpool (2016) is Ryan Reynolds Best Movie! [Review]

After years of hearing about Deadpool, the world explodes with joy and pride after seeing Ryan Reynolds as the “Merc with a Mouth” in Tim Miller’s debut direction.

Deadpool opens midway with Wade Wayne sitting inside a cab (the character’s pre-hero name) already armored in his red suit. After chatting with the Indian cab driver about his unrequited love life, we learned that the anti-hero is on his way to kill the man who has ruined his life. Halfway through the first fight scenes, Deadpool break the fourth wall as he is supposed to do. Wade Wayne is a former special forces who works as a mercenaries in New York City. He is a wisecrack who has only one friend that owns a bar. During his visit to a strip club, he met Vanessa and the two fell in love. Of course their love story didn’t last long since Wade Wayne is diagnosed with cancer and looked for help in a wrong place – Wade’s experiment turned him disfigured and immortal.

What made Deadpool a popular character is his anti-hero persona and to make this possible the movie included many one-liners, running gags and dirty jokes here and there, which to my surprise works smoothly  since the humour never went sour. Being his first movie, Tim Miller opted to direct in a fast-pace and fun narration without being too serious. The cinematography is playful with some of the greatest edits I have seen in a superhero movie. The action, which Deadpool is known for, also matched up to my expectations. The addition of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are welcome, since Deadpool is known for his participation in the X-Men universe, but their presence aren’t memorable in the end.

Second criticism? I do feel the plot is weak and can used a little bit adjustment. Of course we have been warned in the opening credits about the clichés in the movie, like including a British dude as the villain, which makes viewers to lower their expectations. But, like I mentioned the screenwriters could make Deadpool’s first installment less safe and not just another “I seek revenge because you ruined my life” kind of movie.

Playing Deadpool for the second time, Ryan Reynolds excels in portraying the character with his “douchey” face (no pun intended) and his high-pitched voice, which works well with or without his mask on. While everyone praised Reynolds as the driving force behind Deadpool’s success, I agree, because other than Reynolds and the humour, the movie has a very mediocre plot line. I also must applaud the casting director for casting Morena Baccarin as the love interest, realizing the two have a “normal” age gap, and let’s admit, a great chemistry! Wade and Vanessa’s chemistry aren’t strong but they aren’t forced either. My favourite scene is when Wade and Vanessa engage in a sort of joking trauma-off as to who had the worse childhood.

In short, Deadpool is a fun, dark-comedy movie with a enjoyable lead character. Hopefully they will kick it up a notch in the script department for any future sequel!


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