Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) Works as The Bridge to Justice League Movie [Review]

My dislike for Man of Steel is quite alarming, yet I decided to go and watched Zack Snyder’s new movie anyway. Batman v Superman shares the same theme as Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War – superheroes fight each other. However, I know the reason behind Marvel’s new offering but DC’s reasons for bringing Batman and Superman together in one movie is lackluster to say the least.
The movie starts out with little Bruce Wayne’s story and continue with Superman’s, 18 months after his fight with General Zod that resulted in a mass casualties and earned him few haters, including (older) Bruce Wayne and the crazy young billionaire, Lex Luthor. To make things worse, Lex Luthor found a bulk of Kryptonite and plan to use them against Superman, but not before the Dark Knight stole it from him. What comes next is a cliché storyline that somehow involves Wonder Woman and Doomsday.

Director Zack Snyder made a fatal mistake with the bizarre editing choice in Man of Steel, but he quickly realised that and changed his direction to normal pace. Batman v Superman offers great cinematography and special effects, especially any scenes including Superman flying off the ground or landing on a ground; the sound and background score fits perfectly with the other technical aspects.

Saying that, however, I am disappointed with the way he combine all of the superheroes’ stories. It is not a bad script, weak for sure, but predictable above them all. One thing that bothers me is the tiresome approach to the similar debate, whether Superman is dangerous or a saviour among mankind. Shouldn’t this be done by now? I think this is a result of lazy writing; use another plot for Pete’s sake. And they include Batman in the middle of them all? Speaking of Bruce Wayne, I like the gritty Batman for a change and would love to wave goodbye to the morally conscious guy in Nolan’s movies. But, Ben Affleck’s Batman is gullible from the start. His hatred towards Superman is ludicrous without any strong basis. He has years to determined who are the good guys and who are bad, but what did he do with the time he had? No one knows. Ben Affleck’s Batman has cool mask, better voice and bulkier build, but his character is flawed: the only reason Batman is in the movie is to create Justice League with Wonder Woman, that’s it.

Other supporting characters also have its ups and downs. For instead, Lex Luthor, why is he so bonkers in here? His character reminds me of the old Joker and not in a good way. Jesse Eisenberg is a good actor but he failed as the sly villain we all love. On the positive note, Gal Gadot’s portrayal as Wonder Woman is very enjoyable; she nailed the role perfectly. However, her character’s involvement to the script is also cumbersome. Why does Diana Prince came all the way to Metropolis just to uncover her old picture from the 1920?

That being said, I actually like how the movie still remains loyal to Superman till the very end, despite having other superhero/heroine on board. I haven’t seen Henry Cavill in many roles, but (apart from his really good-looking features) he brings a softer side to Kal El that I rarely see in other Superman’s movies. His chemistry with Amy Adams is also a plus point to considered while evaluating this film.

Superman died in the end of the movie. If you live under a rock then you would be surprise by this piece of information. But, if you have access to the internet then you will know that Superman will indeed returns in the new Justice League movie (again directed by Zack “fiasco” Sndyer) and this movie only serves as a bridge for the next installment in the DC universe and can’t be acknowledge as a stand-alone movie.

How will they bring back Man of Steel to life? It sure piqued my interest, because one little stupidity from the movie’s writers/director will result in forming a long hatred chains of fanboys and will see another superhero franchise that bites the dust (hello Spidey!).


2 thoughts on “Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) Works as The Bridge to Justice League Movie [Review]

  1. sidekickreviews

    Good review Mesh. I wasn’t excited about Wonder Woman before watching BvS but now I’m really looking forward to her solo movie. Loved her in the fight scene at the end!

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