5 Things I Learned from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

If you are like me who grew up watching The Resident Evil movie collection, then you know you have a weird relationship with the movie series; it’s somewhat a guilty pleasure until it is not.

The earlier Resident Evil movies were wonky and sloppy to say the least. I would say that Retribution was alright, but the third and fourth movies with Alice clones and incoherent story and character developments? *sigh* But, the latest Resident Evil: The Final Chapter promises a better story arc and a possible ending to the zombie-apocalypse debacle.

I thought to share with you the things I learned throughout watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, because hey! if this is the last then we all need to know what we can learned from the film. It has been a long 15 years for Alice and gang who survived the freaking T-virus in the Resident Evil movie collection. Read on! (beware of the spoilers…)

No comeback?

The fun thing about Resident Evil movie franchise is the team, albeit how misleading it was from the games. But, I love when Jill and Alice teamed up in RE 2 and again in RE Retribution. The other characters, such as Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez), K-Mart, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong also made the movies fun to watch (the more the merrier?).

However, only Claire Redfield returns in Final Chapter with a minuscule and generic role. This is a major letdown for a movie that is supposedly the final.

My eyes hurt

I thought I was the only one who suffered from temporary epilepsy and nausea while watching the action sequence in this movie. I am not a big fan of shoot-edit-shoot-edit action type and preferred a wide-angle scene that allow me to see the action happening, but I normally don’t mind them as long as it’s not blinding and headache-inducing. However, in this movie cinematographer Glen MacPherson (who actually did several previous RE’s movies) and editor Doobie White did a HORRIBLE job. If you don’t watch it in the cinema then considered yourself the lucky ones.Clones and Paul W.S. Anderson

Resident Evil Final Chapter has a simple plot: Alice has to return to The Hive with the help of Claire and few others new people (including Ruby Rose in a very pointless role) to find the antivirus developed by Umbrella’s scientist that can put the zombie apocalypse to end. Along the way Alice met few twists and surprises, which include the real origin story of herself.

While I think it’s neat that Paul W. S. Anderson (director and writer) persuade many of the audience to go and re watch the previous movies after seeing the Final Chapter, but it could be more than that. Paul is not the best action director, heck he is even far from that, but in the movie he still maintained the apocalypse and saving- the-world-from-evil-corporation theme quite nicely in this Resident Evil movie set. He could have experimented more I believe, or even hired a much better movie editor, but for what it’s worth: It was a fitting hole in this mindless trope.

Also, I learned there are many clones in this movie, but thankfully all of them make sense (to an extent) to the main plot.

Racoon City & Milla Jovovich

A few months ago I read actress Ali Larter (who played Claire Redfield) commented on how Milla Jovovich was the first actress to become this huge female hero before the rise in feminist roles in movies. Milla stretched her athleticism even more and showcased cool and jaw-dropping action chops once again in here. If not for the hideous editing, I would have enjoyed her action scenes better. Meh, what can you expect from a mediocre action-movie franchise?

The idea for Alice to return to Raccoon City and into The Hive is also a fitting tribute to the last movie. But, I wished they hired all the other cast members than letting Alice returned to the deserted city with a bunch of new faces. Also, what’s the deal with the big fan? glass trap? and awful CGI monster inside The Hive? The third quarter of the movie felt rushed and lame, especially with the underused of Albert Wesker. Like, seriously Paul, what’s the deal?

The baddie of the film is Dr. Alexander Isaacs (Iain Glen) who again resurfaced from the death. I liked few scenes with him, such as inside the tank or when he found out about his original identity, Iain did a good job and he seemed to have fun with it.

However, the Resident Evil set in this one has precise setting and ambience despite the Mad Max deja vu opening credit that people seemed to hate so much.

Final. Yes?

Towards the end of the film we learned from Alice’s voiceover that despite this being her “final story”, her mission is not yet over. We then see Milla turns to the camera and winked. Was that a wink or a “Gotcha, fuckers” moment? I have no idea and I am not interested to find out.

Total score: 57/100

Let me know what you think below!

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