Christopher Robin Makes Me Remember My Inner Child [Review]

May contain spoilers!

There are some films that are meant to be for kids and there are some kids film that are meant to be for adults. Yes, the new Christopher Robins film is not by far, a kid’s film. I know, I was surprised by those parents who brought their kids to watch this, thinking it’s a happy-go-lucky rainbow-coloured cartoon film, filled with beloved cartoon characters from their childhood. Well, the parents’ childhood, not the kids.

Not that the new Christopher Robin film is sad or gloomy by any means. It is actually rather entertaining and delightful for me. You see, I don’t really grow up with Winnie The Pooh and Hundred Acres Woods, but I know of it. I remember the time I accompanied my little sister to watch those cartoons, and I too, begin to fall in love with these adorable characters.

In the new Disney film, the main focus is on Christopher Robin, the human boy who’s now grown up, married with a kid. Flash back, after being sent to a boarding school by his parents and graduating, CR (short for Christopher Robin) enrolled to the military where he served in WW1… or WWII… I don’t remember (kidding, it was WWII). But, anyway, he went to war, got home save and married this girl and together they had a daughter named Madeline Robin.

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Trouble arises when CR, who is now working as an efficiency expert (I still don’t get what this means…) at Winslow Luggages. He felt depressed and thus he neglects his family. However, the fun begins when our silly old bear, Pooh, wakes up one day and found all of his friends have disappeared. Pooh then travel through a tree to London. How so? You gotta watch the film to understand the magic of children’s characters. Pooh in London finds the now adult Christopher Robins (played by the always charming, Ewan McGregor) and asked his help to find his friends where the two of them travelled back to Hundred Acre Wood. I know, I gushed “awwww…” a few times throughout the film too.

Where are Tiger, Kanga, Rabbit, Piglet and Roo? What happened to them? I won’t spoiled it to you cause you will get pissed at me, but they are there in the film, don’t worry. The film’s main message is not to neglect your inner child, find joy in small things in life and to always remember your family, and for me that message sticks. I may not neglect my family but I like to forget to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and took things for granted. It’s quite simple, but hey! how many of us still finds it hard to do?

Directed by Marc Foster (who previously directed a James Bond’s film and World War Z), Christopher Robin is a delightful film that makes me reminiscence of my own childhood. What did I do back then when I was Christopher Robin’s age? Did I play with stuff animals and wander around the woods? Well… no, I live in a city and I got dinosaurs as toys. But, still… it made me wonder about how good it feels to see this gloomy world through the eyes of a child, where everything is new and fresh without a worry in the world. Perhaps the answer can be found in the film’s quotes, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something”. Worth a try I say.

So, go and watch Christopher Robin to find your inner child. If you have find him/her then let me know below by leaving a comment below.



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