Three In One Review: The Oath (2018), Ghost Stories (2020) & Love Wedding Repeat (2020)

Since being home quarantined, watching films has been keeping me sane and thankfully there are plenty that I haven’t seen (I know!). Just like these three: a dark comedy satire, scary short films from India and Netflix’s new rom-com with Olivia Munn. Check it out!

The Oath

Written and directed by the talented Ike Barinholtz (The Mindy Project fame), The Oath is a smart comedy infused with dark political satire. Set in the near future America where its citizens are asked to sign a loyalty pledge, the film cleverly delves into which political beliefs are right or wrong, but also raises the question whether each party are completely correct on their political terms and how they perceived their opponents? The family dinner from hell quickly escalates into a hostage situation that delivers a suspenseful vibe to the genre. Ike and Tiffanny Haddish excel in playing the married couple, while John Cho and Billy Magnussen tackle roles as the CPU officers.

Ghost Stories

After the successful Lust Stories (2018) on Netflix, the same team returns with a new terrifying tales. Ghost Stories is a four-part horror anthology film with different casts and directors, ranging from Karan Johar to Anurag Kashyap and cast like Janhvi Kapoor to Shobita Dhulipala. Although I strongly believe this film is better off named ‘Horror Stories’, as we rarely see ghosts here, it does offer an intriguing and unique hair-raising tales. My personal favourite is the first and the third one revolving a needy nurse who has to stay in a spooky apartment to take care of an old lady, and a young man’s journey into a bizarre town in India where no residents are in sight. My takeaway from watching GS is this: Janhvi Kapoor can actually act and Karan Johar shouldn’t direct horror in the near future.

Love Wedding Repeat

Released during the COVID-19 outbreak, this Netflix-distributed film looks nice on synopsis but fall flat on screen. With bankable actors like Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Freida Pinto and Eleanor Tomlinson, the rom-com centers around a wedding gone wrong and it’s up to the brother of the bride to save it. This French remake has its cute and funny moments, I give you that, but it still has a lackluster storytelling, especially the one including the narrator… what was that about? It also tried to be smart with “Groundhog Day” parallel, which could be a saving grace, but it adds nothing to the film in my opinion. Watch this if you got nothing else on your list, me thinks.

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