[Pros & Cons] Emily in Paris Season 1

Netflix has been the go-to source since this pandemic, and this month the streaming giant successfully released another binge-worthy series that caused quite the stir around the globe. Yes, I’m talking about Emily in Paris – the 10-episode, romantic comedy is ridiculed by the French, dubbed “the most-hated show”, but in the end it’s gotten bigger than anyone has anticipated that its memes on Twitter are getting hundreds of retweets and loves.

So, what are the pros and cons of Emily in Paris? Read on! *Some spoilers here*


The City of Lights

Be honest with me. You and I watched Emily in Paris (EIP) for well… the city. I think this is the only American-made show that truly explores foreign country to its maximum possible. From old apartment buildings, cobblestone roads, al fresco cafe to other haunts. EIP managed to avoid the City of Light’s overused landmarks (No close-up shots of Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc) and gave us a different side to Paris. It’s gorgeous, quaint and très chic!

I also loved the soundtracks. Totally what I expected from a “French-themed show”. I mean there are only two songs by Edith Piaf and none by Carla Bruni lol.

Relatable drama

It’s a romantic comedy after all, so the drama is at its best. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time TV watchers as its creator, Darren Star, was the man responsible for several American beloved shows: Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place & Sex and The City.

Emily in Paris itself follows the usual rom-com tropes and comedic charms. From having an American boyfriend, ditched him, fall head-over-heels for her hot French neighbour, another twists, hooked up with a snob Parisian, dated a rich and successful zaddy – the list continues.

But, one thing remains, despite learning that Emily has a healthy sex life, I also learned that the formula in the show is impeccable! Not to forget, Emily’s own office debacle took inspirations from Miranda Priestly’s toxic work place. Coincidence? Of course not. I appreciate the millennial work ethic, social media tips and its downside; feels fresh and relatable.

Size is everything

Mon Chéri, I mean the television size aka its duration. Darren Star created Emily in Paris with a strategic plan. He blends the usual, endearing tropes and delivered it in a fast-pace, compact twenty-minute episode. It works! Whatever you say, EIP is made for binge-watching and its twists and cliffhangers worked like a charm. I mean, we all are waiting with anticipations about Camille’s text in the end, right? 😉


Luckiest gal

Romantic comedy is a fantasy as it doesn’t follow the reality, and Emily in Paris is no different. An American girl who works in a Parisian marketing firm but doesn’t speak French? Check. Emily’s followers grew after a mundane, non-edited post on Twitter (mind you!)? Check, check. She always, always has the most-brilliant ideas. This quick-witted girl has to be the most-genius marketer ever! Check, check, check.

C’est ringarde!

The best French word to ever be learned by millions of people is applicable to this show. It’s a basic bitch, albeit addictive, in the end. Her romance life is predictable, her fashion choices are too. While her brilliant marketing ideas are impressive and I enjoyed the ‘sexy or sexist’ episode for zhuzhing up current events, the show still lacks other character developments.

Thank God for the Asian best friend (played by the brilliant Mindy Park!), but there’s only one token gay black guy (Samuel Arnold) and I wished to see more dimensions in Sylvie (played by the gorgeous Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu). She is tad wasted here despite having the best one-liners and fashion sense.


Three pros and two cons make it a win in my book. I binge-watched Emily in Paris in two days and I already look forward to its second season (still no official words as of date!). Yes, some might get bored of it, but if you’re into the good ole’ rom-com then this show will satisfy your cravings.

Let me know what you think below!

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