Hello, my name is Umesh Bhagchandani, or Mesh for short, and welcome to “Mesh The Movie Freak”. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, I have been a long-time movie-goer and started this blog back in July, 2013. As an ex-lifestyle journalist, I have worked as an editor for several luxury lifestyle publications in Jakarta for the past seven years, and I still write on daily basis whether its for freelance or short stories. Besides writing, I am also passionate about content creation, creative strategy and social media.

My goal with this blog is to develop quality, less-pretentious and entertaining contents regarding films and pop culture. However, I am also open for freelancing opportunity shall you like my writings.

Feel free to contact me at umeshbhagchandani@yahoo.com, or you can connect with me through one of my social media pages: Instagram & LinkedIn.

Happy watching!