About Mesh And His Blog

Hi, my name is Umesh Bhagchandani or Mesh for short (pronounced like mashed potato) and welcome to “Mesh The Movie Freak”.

I have been a long time movie-goer but a newbie (lazy) blogger. Besides watching movie, I also like to read books, eat fried rice, drink cold beer, listen to top 40 or indie music (I am not picky) and my favourite movie is Fight Club. Oh, I also work as a web editor for a lifestyle publication in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I started this blog back in July 2013 and I am glad I stick around (this update was written in July 2015). Been an awesome experience so far. I am not here to critic because I am not the right person to do so. I am just a regular movie buff who have seen way too many movies and TV series. I have been told about my weird taste in movies and I am always open to watch anything interesting. My review style also tend to change, I tried “serious” writing before but felt miserable and demotivated like hell. Hence why I decided to have fun with my reviews from then on because watching movie is a fun business!

Feel free to read my One Year Blog Anniversary to get details about my blogging experience. Want to get to know me even further? Just visit my social media links and find it out for yourself.

Happy watching!

Note: For business inquiries, you can contact me at umeshbhagchandani@yahoo.com, or through one of my social media pages.