TV: Masters of Sex Season 1 Review

Oh wait, this is not porn…

Based on the lives of Dr William Masters and Virgina Johnson, the pioneers of human sexuality in the 50s, Masters of Sex is a quirky show. The first season introduced us to William Masters, a gynecologist who is interested in human sexual nature. He conducted his unorthodox research at his work place: Washington University Hospital. Later, we meet Virginia Johnson, a divorcee with two kids who worked as Dr Masters’ secretary and later his personal assistant. Beside the lead, the show have some interesting supporting characters. My favourite is Barton Scully, William’s long time friend and the provost in Washington University who is married but is secretly gay. Then there is Jane Martin, a young woman who participated in the research, along with Dr Ethan Haas, a young doctor who is in love with Virginia. All of the characters have their own back stories, struggles, triumphs and loses.

Show creator Michelle Ashford knows that her show’s selling point is SEX, but the better and the cleverer type. And the funny thing about the sex scene here is they are not as erotic and sensual. Sure some of them are pretty steamy since this show is on Showtime. But, directors, Michael Apted and John Madden treated the sex scenes as an integral part of the show and not for supplementary fun. I also like the 50s setting in the show where sex is a taboo matter. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the characters’ hardship and cheers for their triumphs. Michael Sheen excels as the rigid but ambitious William Masters, but the main star in Masters of Sex is Lizzy Caplan. You might remember this sexy vixen from her pop-culture hit Mean Girls as Janice Ian, but her role as Virginia Johnson is the complete opposite. She is the character that I will stick around to watch.

I think Masters of Sex turned out as a quite decent and likeable new show. I am looking forward to its second season, hopefully it will holds its standard.

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