Homeland Third Season Finale

Now, as an avid fan of Homeland, I must say that the third season do not disappoint. Especially with did-they-really-do-that finale episode, I know I have to blog it.

The finale episode begins where it left, with Brody killing Danesh Akbari (Iranian bad guy) and we are left wondering what the fuck is going to happen. Brody drag Danesh’s body and leave it under his desk. He then walks out and luckily manage to escape to find Carrie at their rendezvous point. The two are hopeful of Saul, who is having his own problems at the CIA, to help them to get the hell out of Tehran. As the night unfolds, we see Carrie and Brody arguing about what Brody has done, how he hasn’t feel like a Marine, and how fucking depressed he is (we are depressed for you too, Brody). And Carrie, being the high-strung women she is, ended up telling Brody that she is four months pregnant with his child.

The next scene is where the writers get creative. Carrie wakes Brody up and together they storm outside, planning to hop onto the chopper Saul promises to send. But, no…. They were busted by Javadi’s men and took Brody along with them. Now, we think that nothing will happen to Brody, he will survives, blah blah blah’ — WE ARE DELUDED, PEOPLE.

Few minutes later, Carrie went to the prison Brody is being held up in, and got the shocking news of her lifetime. Brody do wants to die. He has accepted his faith. He is basically content with what’s going to happen to him.

I am not going to spoil all the fun details for you guys, but I think it’s safe to say that we are going to miss Nicholas Brody in season 4 (they are given another season!)

Homeland’s third season has been a treat to watch. The writers have upped their ante and delivered a memorable season. It started a bit rocky and irritating with Dana’s case and Brody’s being held in a dungeon and drugged, but the last three episodes were solid gold that everything seems interconnected with Brody’s storyline and perhaps next season storyline too.

For the finale episode, I think they did a good job. They give Brody’s character a nice end and for Carrie a new beginning. I am curious what Carrie and Saul are going to encounter in season 4. It might get boring or even dull, but it may turn the other way around. We still have few potential characters (Farah and Peter). I hope the writers still maintain the whole terrorist plot and the ‘guessing’ theme line for the next season, because lets be frank, we are hooked up to Homeland because we are curious to know whether Brody is a terrorist or not among other questions.

Note: While googling about Homeland last night, I found an interesting article of Damian Lewis talking about his Homeland days. Check it out: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/homeland-star-damian-lewis-says-666500



3 thoughts on “Homeland Third Season Finale

  1. Clare Flourish

    I only read your first paragraph, because the series 3 finale is broadcast on Sunday here, but-

    you liked it? Really? Why?

    It is so much less tense, so much less subtle than series 2, there is no threat at all, that it surprises me anyone could be a fan of series 2 and series 3. Either you would hate Finn killing someone and his father buying the family off, and the way that story unfolded over several weeks, or you would hate the way the CIA in series 3 watch by satellite enabling them to identify cars in Tehran and almost always have everything under control: any mild setback is almost immediately corrected.

  2. 13mesh

    Hi, I totally agree with you. Homeland’s season 3 is rather dull. Don’t forget about Dana’s rehab phase, it bored the hell out of me. But, I reckon you haven’t watch season 3 finale, right? I liked the finale and because of the ending, I changed my mind about the whole third season.

    Let me know what you think once you watch the finale.

  3. Clare Flourish

    Utterly dreadful. Arresting Brody but not Carrie? Letting Carrie phone Brodie in the prison? Even having Carrie climb on the fence at the hanging. If the CIA is omnicompetent, and the enemy powerless AND not needing credible motivation, or actually acting for the CIA and able to give instructions which only make sense if he is working for the CIA-

    what tension is there in the programme at all? What drama?

    Will Carrie keep the baby? Possibly a question worth exploring through drama, but not this one.

    I wanted another CIA bomb like the one in the last series. It is far, far worse than reading a bad Pride and Prejudice sequel.

    I like Dana as a character, and the actress is rather good. But her plots this series were uninvolving, until she ends up as a hotel cleaner, telling her father never to see her again. There was pathos there.

    I don’t mind the Americans winning, really. I cheered the capture of Abu Nazir, the turning of Brodie away from his Islamic terrorism, I know the Americans are, more or less, the good guys- but I want drama on the telly. Homeland is no longer it.

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