6 Best Scenes From Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

After the release of Avengers: Infinity War trailer last year, I was quite excited to see the third Avengers movie, although with a subtle caution since the second film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, was a big let down.

After premiering in Jakarta’s cinemas last Wednesday (Infinity War release date was April 25 in Indonesia!) and gained massive full-house run, I went to caught up with the hype. And you know what? It was pretty damn great! With $220 million budget, Infinity War sure does delivered what it promises: a grandeur, larger-than-life superhero film. Mainly thanks to its hefty ensemble, action sequence, hilarious one-liner and heart wrenching ending, Infinity War is a nice surprise.

The film works because of the moments in them, and I have picked six of the best scenes that will stay with me for a long time. And perhaps, it will for you too.

**Note: It goes without saying, beware of the SPOILERS!**

6. Pop culture & Spider-man

Taking the pop-culture references from Guardians of the Galaxy, director Russo brothers planted it well throughout the film, mostly being said by our youngest Avengers member, Spider Man. Despite his comic-relief role, I actually enjoyed Peter Parker the most. His teenager geek persona, suggesting Alien film to Iron Man on a spaceship (very apt, I must say!) to bonding with Star Lord over his Footloose obsession – Tom Holland stood out among the huge cast!

5. Young Gamora

My, my, my… no wonder Gamora is, well, Gamora. As seen in the Infinity War trailers, we saw young Gamora in the film over at her home planet where Thanos (the films villain) rescued her after killing half of the planet’s population-linking it nicely to Infinity War film plot. The flashback cemented the film’s narratives and made Gamora’s character end fate even much sadder than others!

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4. Starlord and Thor

The first Avengers film’s soaring success (released back on May 4, 2012) was mainly thanks to its multi-layer characters, direction, and hilarious one-liner! Director Joss Whedon jumpstarted the comic book franchise and propelled Avengers characters (and casts) to mainstream cinema, and of course converting it into million-dollar brand for Disney!

In Avengers 3 (as many will call it), we see many of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters meeting each other for the first time, or being reunited. Two characters that met for the first time, ended up being the funniest out of the bunch. When Thor landed in Guardians’ spaceship after his battle with Thanos, the Galaxy gang welcomed him warmly. Drax is enchanted with the Asgardian demigod, while Gamora complimented his muscles texture to Peter Quill’s annoyance. In the end, Thor and Star Lord had a machismo competition, which is suffice to say led to become the funniest gag in Avengers: Infinity War part 1.

3. Thanos attack

While the Wakanda Battle serves as the film’s climax, my favourite battle scene can be found in Planet Titan. Dr. Strange teamed up with Iron Man and Spidey along with half of the Guardians’ team to take down Thanos, and they came close! The action scene was gritty, fast-pace and fun to watch. Although it had plot holes (like… why didn’t they killed Thanos then and there?!), the action sequence had a nice built-up and narrative for me.

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2. Scarlet Witch & Vision

I think many of you will agree that none of us were looking forward to see Vision and Scarlet Witch’s romance in Marvel’s Infinity War! The couple’s romance lacked my enthusiasm at the beginning, but to my surprise it ended up being the saddest among them all.

Marvel Infinity War’s plot surrounds Thanos plan to snatch up six Infinity stones, found in different parts in the universe, so he can eliminate half of the galaxy’s population. For this, Thanos needs the last Mind Stone planted in Vision’s head and came to Wakanda to take it. Learning this, Vision told his lover to destroy the yellow stone when the time comes, and sacrificing himself in the following.

In this situation, audience might assume they will be let down for no lover would kill theirs to save the universe. Right? wrong! Scarlet Witch, played by gorgeous Elizabeth Olsen, succeed in destroying the stone before Thanos. But, the Mad Titan used his Time Stone to retract it without hesitation. The scene was intense and well-executed. Poor Vision 😦

1. Ashes to ashes

Without spoiling too much (if I haven’t already!), the ending of Avengers: Infinity War was a shock! The Leftovers-kind of ending: where half of the universe’s populations (including our Avengers members!) disseminate into ashes sent shivers to my bones! Of course, it’s a false gimmick. We know which Avengers are coming back in their solo films next year (looking at you Black Panther & Spider-man!) However, cinematic-wise it was a fantastic ending for a superhero film.

Now, let us sit patiently and wait until next May 2019 to see the continuation in Avengers: Infinity War Part II (not the official name!).

Honourable mention: The scenes when Thor called Rocket as “Rabbit” cracked me up so good. Anyone else? :))

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16 thoughts on “6 Best Scenes From Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

  1. thoughts of murnau

    I agree with your number 1 scene – it was truly chilling to see some of our favourite characters crumble into ash, and so many of them. It was a brave scene, although yes we also know it’s going to be reversed somehow. My second best scene would be the meeting of Thor and the Guardians, which was just hilarious – ‘pirate angel’ – what great comedy writing!

  2. laksmintari

    Xeno and I dont hit the cinemas that often, but on the rare occasion we do, Im glad it was this action-packed emotional-rollercoaster superhero flick. I giggled at the one liners, but nearing the end, fought hard to keep my tears from spilling at the Scarlet Witch-Vision sacrifice scene. I also loved how teenager Groot was portrayed as a retro-game loving adolescent with a couldnt-care-less attitude, but when the moment came, he didnt waste a moment to help make that axe happen. All in all an entertaining movie to watch even for those not really keeping up with the Marvel universe (like me hahah).

  3. 13mesh

    It was really shocking. And yea lol their meet up was well-written and well-timed. Thor and Star Lord shouldn’t be in the same room, or in this case, spaceship :))

  4. 13mesh

    Hahaha yay! Thanos is a well-rounded villain, though to be honest I wish to see more gore with Thanos. But, all in all, I agree, he was a good villain. Much better than Apocalypse :))

  5. 13mesh

    Lol i guess Avengers is the special package that’ll appeal to all masses. Scarlet-Vision’s scene was sad surprisingly right? I like Groot too lol but I find Rocket and Thor’s scene funnier. He called him Rabbit :))

  6. moviewarden

    I am with you on Number 3, 4 and 5; that’s my top 3☺👍. All the same, I like the way they portrayed Thanos. Much like Eric Killmonger, he has a reason why he does what he does… and to some extent, I was able to put myself in his shoes and see things from his perspective. Marvel really went out of their way with this film to please the loyal M.C.U fanboys and the astounding opening weekend box-office numbers is just a testament of it

  7. movieswithchris

    That last scene with everyone turning to ash was by far, one of my favorite comic book movie scenes of all time. Also, Rocket’s line to Quill about being one sandwich away from being fat had me laughing for a while.

  8. 13mesh

    It was very devastating, for sure. And hahaha, Quill got bullied so much in this film :))

  9. delinaare

    Couldn’t agree more!! But if I had to choose, my fav one is number 2!

    There are much funny lines in this movie, but the one that make me laugh till now everytime I remembered about it is Tony’s line to Ebony Maw, if you still remember this (and I believe you do).

  10. 13mesh

    Hahaha I remember the scene you referred too. The film has a lot of unexpected jokes that will always be memorable :)) Thanks for commenting!

  11. Kidult King

    The “Alien” part was full of humor and reasonable to be a good method to solve their crisis at that time.

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